Godzilla: King of Monsters | Supporting | Michael Dougherty/Legendary Ent. & Warner Bros. 
She’s Missing | Supporting | Alexandra McGuinness/TW Films
Rainbow Time | Supporting | Linas Phillips/Duplass Brothers Productions/SXSW 2016
The DUFF | Supporting | Ari Sandel/CBS Films
Solitary | Supporting | Sascha Krane/Solitary Films
Manager | Lead | Jacob Meszaros/12 Pictures
Courage Inspires Courage | Lead | Corlin Stubbs/Creative Landfill


Dynasty | Recurring | The CW/Brad Silberling
Nashville | Co-star | ABC/Stephen Cragg
Shoot Me Nicely | Series Regular | Zero Channel/Elias Plagianos
LoveFinder (TV movie) | Supporting | Alyson Roux & Ian Forester/Random Room Entertainment


Les Blancs | Dr. Marta Gotterling | Gregg T. Daniel/Rogue Machine Theatre *8 Ovation Award nominations
Bull | Isobel/Alternate Lead | Jennifer Pollono/Rogue Machine Theatre
Broad Comedy | Lead/Sketch Ensemble | Katie Goodman/ACME Theatre
The Dark Show | One Woman Show | Hal Sinden & Seline Bullocke/Edinburgh Festival
Meat | Evelyn/Lead | Tom Mansfield/Edinburgh Festival
Rope | Leila/Lead | John Newman/The Grand Theatre, Leeds


Pokemon: Detective Pikachu | Video Narrator | Rob Letterman/Legendary Ent.
Monster Island (animation feature) | Veronica/Lead | Leopoldo Aguilar/Anima Estudios
Jalen & Jacoby (sports series) | VO Announcer | ESPN/ESPN 2/ESPN Radio
The Magic of the Glass Slipper (animation) | Jacqui/Lead | Walt Disney/Cinderella Diamond Edition
Otaku Taco Truck (animation series) | Mari/Lead | Shut Up! Cartoons/SMOSH


Dialects: British (RP), Standard American, New York, Southern, Australian,
UK Regional Accents: Cockney, Liverpool, Northern, Scottish, Welsh, West Country. Good ear for accents.
Skills: Improvisation, Comedy/Sketch Writing, Multi Award-Winning Voice Over Artist, Hand Modeling,
Horse Riding: standard, Driving: Auto/Stick, Swimming, Yoga. Up to date passport. Green Card holder.
Singing: Classical trained: Mezzo-soprano.


Los Angeles: Technique: Howard Fine’s Masterclass, Alexander Technique: Jean-Louis Rodrigue,
Comedy Scene Study: Lesly Kahn & Co., Improvisation: UCB and Groundlings.
London: RADA - Jeremy Stockwell, Performing Arts BA (Hons) from Middlesex University.
Australia: Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) – Acting.